The Legend

Ages ago, when the lands of Athas were green with life and prosperity, the world existed in a peaceful balance. The masters of Fire and Stone, of Wind and Rain, the Primordials had created a paradise. But soon, the Tyrants of the Starry Void grew envious and wanted this creation as their own. And they sought to usurp the Primordials and take their creation. A great war was fought between the Gods and the Primordials. For eons, they battled, wreaking havoc in the Starry Void above and the Elemental Chaos below. But the Gods were foolish to believe that they could defeat the Great Creators. And slowly, they started to fall. One by one, the Gods were defeated and destroyed. And with the passing of each, the resolve of the Primordials to protect and keep their world grew. But there was one among the Gods, a dark, brooding being that was more powerful than the rest. As the others fell, it continued to fight. This Dark God seemed to grow in power as the others were struck down. And when no other of the Gods were left, save this Dark One, the Primordials unleashed their combined wrath upon it. The battle was fierce and many of the Elemental Masters were destroyed in the fight. In the end, the Primordial Lords won out. They defeated the Dark God. And from the vast emptiness of the Plane Above, this Dark One fell. It fell from the Plane Above to Athas and its body struck the land with such force that the mountains rumbled and shook for a hundred years after. And now, the Dark One lies dead, deep within Athas. Yet, some say that the Dark One is not dead, only waiting. Some say that traces of the divine power still linger and that those faithful to the Dark One can feel it. There are those who believe that the Dark One will one day rise again from the heart of Athas, stronger than ever before, and it will finish the battle with the Primordials then. It will destroy the Makers and claim dominion over all of Athas. And this Dark God will return life to Athas, pushing back the desert, wetting the sands, and deliver those that have remained faithful from the shackles of the tyranny of the Sorcerer-Kings.

Return of a Dark God